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Let’s Play Innovation festival in Driebergen

12 oktober 2012


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De wereld verandert voor je ogen, ontwikkelingen gaan razendsnel. We zoeken naar nieuwe structuren, manieren om het spel mee te kunnen blijven spelen. Misschien moeten we een geheel nieuw spel gaan spelen: Let’s Play Innovation. Het Let’s Play Innovation Festival op vrijdag 11 januari op landgoed De Horst in Driebergen is een hands-on leerexperience, waarin jew ordt uitgedaagd om playful te denken. Het doet je verbeeldingskracht toenemen en rekt je perspectieven op. De aankondiging via een flitsende trailer en meer informatie, ook over deelname, vind je in dit artikel. Engels is de voertaal.

During this experience-driven day in Maitland’s Playground and its surrounding area (see Venue), we will explore how playfulness can help us to innovate and to adapt to change. You will become an Agent of Play who is able to transform his or her environment into a playing field where people are free to experiment with new possibilities.

Experts from organisations such as MIT, Endemol, de Baak, ArtScience Lab Boston, Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) and many more will facilitate your experience. But maybe the most important aspect will be the interactions you have with your fellow participants and that, afterwards, you’ll be able to explain to others why fun is so relevant for innovation!

During this festival, we expect you to set a challenge for yourself and for you to use this playing field in any way possible in order to reach the next level with your own innovation challenge.

Personal revenue

•“I can work with this!”
– Becoming familiar with Playfulness (methods) in Innovation
• “I hadn’t thought of that before!”
– Being inspired by new ways of thinking
• “Let’s work together tomorrow!”
– Meeting interesting people for your innovation network
• “I have more energy now than when I came in!”
– Having fun together!

Building Blocks
During this festival, you will have a choice of a range of workshops, from “proven concepts” (such as Applied Improvisation, Meaningful Gamification, and Prototyping) to the Underground scene (in which we’ve challenged our professionals to come up with the cutting edge—and which we don’t yet know the result).

Date: 11 January 2013
Time: 10:00-17:00, followed by de Baak’s New Year’s reception
Place: De Baak, De Horst Estate, De Horst 1, Driebergen

We will feature a number of speakers and a variety of workshops. This will be a “hands on” event. The full schedule will be made public closer to date of the event. Contact us for more information.

e Horst Estate – Village of knowledge
In the heart of the Netherlands, in the Driebergen woods, lies the historic Landgoed de Horst (De Horst Estate)–a unique country estate centrally located on the Utrecht Ridge. Here, the outlines are visible of what will grow into the first village of knowledge-cum-cultural center in the Netherlands. A contemporary campus where knowledge-based companies and organizations find their office space, where professionals and entrepreneurs gather to meet and to learn with and from each other. In this village, developing and sharing knowledge will be encouraged and facilitated to the fullest. To learn, to work, to conduct business, to meet, to relax and to enjoy delicious culinary creations.

Maitland’s Playground
The Meet The World event takes place at the new Maitland’s Playground in Driebergen. Charles Maitland was the founding father of de Baak. He created an organization that has always lead in new ways of thinking and is interested in other people and organizations. It’s called a playground because the purpose of the theater is to facilitate experiments and is a continuous place where people can come together to meet and play.

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