Claire Boonstra

Claire Boonstra
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Edwin de Bree
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Wees erbij: Operation Education Debat in Utrecht!

8 december 2012

Claire Boonstra

Operation Education is de naam van de beweging die voortbouwt op het onderwijsmanifest van Claire Boonstra. Zij wil haar steentje bijdragen om het onderwijs te veranderen, opdat ook onze samenleving de noodzakelijke transformatie kan ondergaan. Op 21 december bent u als onderwijsbetrokkene uitgenodigd voor een provocatief debat in Seats2Meet in Utrecht. Naast Claire Boonstra leidden John Moravec en Edwin de Bree het debat. De aftrap is om 13.00 uur, er zijn nog 20 plaatsen te vergeven.

During Operation Education: DEBATE we will have a hopefully fierce discussion with educatiors, students, parents, entrepreneurs, employees, managers, scientists, school inspectors, officials of the ministry of ecducations and politicians, and everyone else who’s interested. Questions that will be covered include:

• Do we share Claires views on status & system – or is something else happening?
• Why are we holding on to classes, curricula, teaching, testing, comparing and inspecting?
• Are “good teachers” and “more money” the most important factors for improvement, or is something else needed?
• What are solutions and good examples?
• How can we move, as a society, from “as is” towards “to be”?
• What can people in the audience do?

A panel with i.a. John Moravec, Claire Boonstra, Edwin de Bree will spark the discussion.

ClaireBoonstra  is a businesswoman with an impressive track record in both corporate (KPN, Unilever) and entrepreneurial endeavors (Mobile Monday, Layar) and titles (Young Global Leader, one of most influential women in technology) who recently announced she’s now using her value to enable change in education. She launched her manifesto as a statement on what she sees happening in society and how changing education will help change society.

Please find her manifesto behind this link.

The Mission [of the organizers?] is to create a massive movement to empower parents, educators and students of all ages to take charge of better education. We need an education which is focused on developing our own talents and value, instead of complying with an imposed and outdated curriculum. Education needs to prepare for the emerging Knowmad Society.

During this event the book Knowmad Society from John Moravec e.a. will be released.

  • 1:00 PM Intro Knowmad Society by John Moravec and Manifesto Operation Education by Claire Boonstra
  • 1:30 PM Start panel discussion
  • 2:15 PM Break
  • 2:45 PM panel discussion
  • 3:30 PM Wrap-up by Claire & John
  • 4:00 PM short break
  • 4:15 PM Book Release – knowmad Society – John Moravec
  • 5:00 PM End

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