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Tweejaarlijkse Internationale Korczak Conferentie 2013 in Bergen aan Zee

5 mei 2013

Theo Cappon

Theo Cappon, oud voorzitter van de Janusz Korczak Stichting Nederland, kondigt de tweejaarlijkse Internationale Korczak Conferentie 2013 aan, deze keer van 2 t/m 6 oktober 2013 in Bergen aan Zee. Het thema is ‘Ruimte voor spel en kunst in onderwijs’. Lees verder voor meer informatie.

De tweejaarlijkse internationale conferentie voor (jonge en wat oudere) professionals en studenten in onderwijs, zorg en welzijn is inmiddels een traditie. De gehele conferentie zal in het Engels zijn. Alle achtergrondinformatie en het aanmeldingsformulier zijn hier: Invitation J.Korczak Conference 2013

Theme: ‘Space for play and art in the education –

The importance of creativity for the development of children.’


Mission and aim of the conference

The conference wants to stress the meaning and importance of cultural and art education for the development of the child. In many countries education is more and more focused on technology and economical usefulness and benefit. But upbringing and education has a wider aim:  supporting a child in his development to a well-balanced personality: social accomplishment, creativity, empathy, humanity etc.

But there is more: art-education, like dance, music, theatre, painting and drawing,  proved to be a strong tool in the education of children with different kinds of handicaps (physical, mental, chronicle illness) or social deprived children.

The connection with Korczak’s ideas is evident. Korczak made a plea for a broad education with attention for social behaviour, creativity, humanity, and …art.

The goal of this conference is to raise the level of awareness of the important role of art and creativity in the development of children.
Participants acquire ideas and skills to discern and to stimulate creativity in  children…and themselves.

We invite everyone who works or will work with children and young people (teachers, child care practitioners, researchers, professionals in the field of education, child protection or day-care centers etc.)

The  language of the conference is English. You are invited to take part in discussions. It is very convenient for you if your English is adequate.

We do not have translators!

Program: workshops and presentations  

  1. Urban Intervention
  2. Oasis Game, playing to change the world
  3. The Child’s musical world
  4. Dare to paint
  5. Discover the clown in yourself
  6. Give them space, let them free
  7. Discover the principles of Reggio Emila
  8. Creativity as a precondition
  9. Without music you cannot live
  10. Creativity….keep it alive
  11. The life of Jo Tori
  12. Through the eye of a child
  13. Lose with a smile
  14. The Workplace Class

Practical information:

Date: 2-6 October 2013

Place: The Netherlands, Bergen aan Zee, het Zeehuis www.nvhzeehuis.nl

Conference fee: 275 euro (all inclusive; exclusive your travel expenses and visa); 150 euro for student.

Bank account: IBAN: NL86INGB0005311550 BIC: INGBNL2A

Interested in this inspiring conference?

The application form and appendix of the program can be found here: Invitation J.Korczak Conference 2013

If you wish to attend the conference, fill in the form and send it to: korczakconf.2013@gmail.com

Hope to meet you in October!



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