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TEDxAmsterdamED 2013: The Pursuit of Excellence

14 juni 2013

Nickel van der Vorm

Na een mooie eerste editie in 2012 zal er ook dit najaar een TEDxAmsterdamED plaatsvinden. Op 10 oktober 2013 zal rondom het thema ‘The Pursuit of Excellence’, een programma worden geboden, andermaal vanuit het Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Nephtalie Demei en Jessika Lynch, co-founders of TEDxAmsterdamED, vertellen in een eerste update hoe en wat? TED-evenets kunnen alleen bezocht worden op uitnodiging. De procedure start na de zomervakantie.

Nephtalie Demei, co-founder and partnerships manager for TEDxAmsterdamED: “We chose the word “Excellence” in the theme because we see it everywhere. Somewhere along the way, overuse has caused it to lose its meaning. We’re looking a little closer at the definition and what excellence in education can really look like.”

“By examining The Pursuit of Excellence, TEDxAmsterdamED 2013 seeks to explore not only the destination, but also the journey. What will the heads of our young ones be filled with during that and how do we make sure this gets the best out of them? In doing so we’ll be taking audience members, both those in the Concertgebouw as well as those watching remotely by livestream, on their own journey into learning and our own place in education,” says Jessika Lynch, TEDxAmsterdamED co-founder and event director.

“TEDxAmsterdamED is not a conference just for people ‘in education. It is about spreading new, innovative, and powerful ideas about the way we are filling the heads of our future leaders and members of our society,” said Jessika Lynch, co-founder and curator of TEDxAmsterdamED. “We encourage everyone with a strong interest in this journey to be a part of this event and watch on the 10th!”

The 2013 edition is going to be even bigger than last year: we can host up twice as many people! As most of you probably know, TEDx events are free and by invitation only. The audience is curated as carefully as the speakers to bring a dynamic, targeted group of exciting people together. Application for tickets opens just after the summer holidays and will be announced in this newsletter. Also – there will be live streaming on the day of the event, so not only is the content open to anyone – it’s also possible to host a live viewing party at your own location!

Did you miss last year’s event? Or do you want to remember what it was like? Have a look at the talks and the recap video.


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