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The Unfolding Conference in Brussel: ‘Co-creating a new culture and new perspective on childhood and well-being’

14 augustus 2013

Luc Stevens

Een uitnodiging aan onderwijsbetrokkenen, praktijkmensen en iedereen die zich zorgen maakt over het welzijn van kinderen in de wereld.  The ‘Unfolding’ Conference is een unieke driedaagse Internationale Conferentie op 23 t/m 26 oktober in Brussel. Het brengt ‘decisionmakers’ samen met de mensen van de vloer. De titel: ‘How can we create a culture that allows the unfolding each and every child’s unique potential and their engagement in society?‘  Het evenement zal zowel plenaire sessies hebben, als interactieve seminars, met Open Space-technologie. Lees meer en meld je aan.

The Unfolding Conference is georganiseerd door the Higher Institute for Family Sciences, the Alliance for Childhood and the Learning for Well-being Consortium.


Co-creating a new culture

We firmly believe that children are to be trusted as competent partners with their own aspirations, in order to unfold their unique potential. The quality of the relationships of children with others and their environments is a key element for the quality of their childhood.

We need to find a new image of children that  moves far beyond our old image of children as objects of care, consumers, future workforce, “blank pages”. This is the precondition for nurturing a culture that allows each and every child to unfold their unique potential and engage in society.

Our aim is to implement a different perspective moving from standardized to child-centred approaches and from sectoral to systemic solutions in policy and society.

We want to move from disease- and treatment-centred healthcare to promoting health and well-being. We understand learning and living as integral processes encompassing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions.

Multiple perspectives

We are inviting actors from all sectors of society to collaborate beyond their silos: a trans-disciplinary approach, bridging perspectives from practice and research, on how children relate to themselves, to others and to their environments.

The conference is designed with interactive sessions, artistic experiences and participative methods which will stimulate an innovative process of mutual learning. We offer diverse learning opportunities that will engage different ways of learning and communicating. One focus point is the further unfolding of regional innovative and multidisciplinary networks in Flanders.

We are working in cooperation with children and youth. Inspiring initiatives and projects will be presented during a marketplace.

Voor wie?

For all those who are concerned with the well- being of children and the quality of childhood such as professionals working with and for children (at different levels) and (grand)parents

We look forward to welcoming teachers, child care practitioners, professionals from all sectors (education, health, welfare, justice, child protection, media), policymakers, researchers, youth leaders and (grand)parents.

Interested in this inspiring event?


Send us a short mail and we will keep you updated:


The Unfolding Conference, a pan-European event bringing together decision-makers and practitioners to discuss How we can create a culture that allows the unfolding each and every child’s unique potential and their engagement in society‘. The conference dates are approaching, and will be from 23-26 October 2013. Please visit for the conference website.  Please contact us with any questions


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