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Connected Educators, kom naar EdcampNL: ‘It’s about growing this amazing network of support’

2 oktober 2013


Krissy Venosdale laat van zich horen. ‘I want every child to have the best life possible.’ Frans Droog – initiatiefnemer van het eerste Nederlandse Edcamp a.s. zaterdag in Houten – leidde ons met een tweet naar de website van deze lerares, die duidelijk haar mannetje staat en vooral met leerlingen en leraren samen op avontuur wil. ‘I want my classroom to be one of the most exciting places a child ever visits. Better than Disney World, as cool as flying to the moon, and most of all? Everyday is about building connections. Every moment counts. When they leave my classroom, I want them to remember our time together and take part of it with them.’ Venosdale – zelf ook frequent bezoekster van Edcamps –  blogt over social media, connections en over vragen stellen. ‘Keep your focus on the people, not the tool and don’t be afraid to ask for help.’

krissy1.) I do not spend every waking moment of my life online. I didn’t have to “make time” to get connected, I had to re-evaluate how I spent my time. Getting connected has saved me time. Keep the balance, know when to put it aside, and don’t be afraid to flip your iphone over and get some sleep.

2.) I keep the perspective that behind every username, there’s a real educator. It’s not about the digital tool, it’s about people. It’s not about ‘number of followers,’ it’s about growing this amazing network of support.

3.) I don’t just connect for myself, I connect for my students. Being connected has made me a better educator. Whether as a teacher or an admin, my role is to model lifelong learning and connecting with a global learning network helps me do that.

4.) I connect through Twitter because it’s the tool I enjoy most and I blog to reflect. Being connected means what works for you. You pick the tool. Facebook? Twitter? A blog? Your terms. Keep your focus on the people, not the tool and don’t be afraid to ask for help. You won’t be the first person that’s wondered, “What’s a hashtag?”

5.) I go to Edcamps to connect in person too. It’s not just about online connections. The people? They are real. The passion? You can feel it at an Edcamp.

connect-1024x1024You don’t have to be a Connected Educator. But, I can tell you that you’ll never, ever regret becoming one.


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