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The Forbidden Education: uniek filmproject als bijdrage aan onderwijs

24 augustus 2014


 The Forbidden Education (2012) kwam in het top 20-lijstje voor van social change documentaries van KnowmadsNL. De film van bijna 2,5 uur laat  diverse alternatieve onderwijspraktijken zien op  scholen in Latijns Amerika en Spanje en werd volledig door crowdfunding gefinancierd. Via social media trok het project meer dan 25.000 volgers aan en was daarmee al in het voortraject van onschatbare waarde en uniek in zijn soort. Kijk verder.

The school has been around for more than 200 years and is still considered the main form of access to education. Today, the school and education are concepts widely discussed in academia, public policy, educational institutions, media and civil society spaces. Since its inception, the school has been characterized by structures and practices that are now considered largely obsolete and outdated. We say no accompanying XXI century needs. Its main shortcoming is in a design that does not consider the nature of learning, freedom of choice and the importance of love and human links in the individual and collective development.

From these reflections reviews have emerged, along the years, proposals and practical education thought and think differently. “The Forbidden Education” is a documentary film that seeks to recover many of them, explore their ideas and visualize those experiences that have dared to change the structure of the educational model of the traditional school.

More than 90 interviews with educators, scholars, professionals, authors, mothers and fathers, a tour of eight Latin American countries through 45 educational and unconventional experiences. The film gained more than 25,000 followers on the social networks before its release and a total of 704 co-producers participating in collective financing converted “The Forbidden Education” into a unique phenomenon.

A completely independent project of unprecedented magnitude, which accounts for the latent need of growth and emergence of new forms of education.

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