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Joyce van den Bogaard
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5th Learning for Well-being Community Day – Brussel

5 april 2018

Joyce van den Bogaard

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Come and join us for the 5th Learning for Well-being Community Day. This unique day will focus on the theme of “Competent Systems”: exploring civil society’s contribution to support competent systems serving children and families.

Education systems and Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) services are continually under development but do those changes target the deep problems facing children, their families/carers and more broadly our societies? New and stronger alliances are needed across sectoral interests if we are serious about creating together more just, inclusive and sustainable societies where all can realise their fundamental human rights and unique potential.

L4WB underlines the importance of cultivating expressions of wholeness in people, communities and societies that respect individual uniqueness and diversity, encouraging diverse perspectives and multiple expressions.

These principles undergird the decision to initiate new work with our partners to examine the extent to which our ECEC and education systems contain the policy orientations and guiding principles for working towards competent systems based on a holistic image of children.

Updated Programme:

Morning session:

Registrations will be from 9:00-9:30am

We’ll start the day with a Youth Panel discussing with the panelists their experiences of what contributes to their learning and experiences of participation in school or university, when they felt their voice was heard and they were able to contribute in the classroom or in the school.

Following that a short paper highlighting the key issues at the first stage of the work underway on ECEC and school education will be presented followed by a panel discussion among specialists on both areas, as well as with all the participants who all bring their specific expertise and experience.

Speakers and panellists:

Hannah Grainger-Clemson, Schools Policy Officer, European Commission

Mathias Urban, Desmond Chair of Early Childhood Education, Dublin City University, Ireland

Mihaela Ionescu, Program Director, International Step by Step Association

Jean Gordon, Learning for Well-being Foundation

(Other panellists to be confirmed)

Lunch will provide fruitful opportunities for informal exchanges and networking.

Afternoon session:

In the afternoon there will be small group discussions picking up on the issues of the morning and taking them forward with examples from various projects and initiatives in which L4WB Community members are involved, inviting the perspectives of other colleagues present. The final discussion time of the day will pull together the threads from the different discussions with a view to generating ideas for new partnerships and initiatives.

Dinner from 19:00:

The day will be concluded with a sit-down dinner where we will have an opportunity to celebrate the year’s achievements and to enjoy informal discussions with representatives of the different projects going on in our Community.

We invite you to join us, to help us enliven this conversation by bringing your own concerns and ideas to the table.

We hope you can make it!


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*As there is a fee to participate to this event, the Foundation will be offering scholarships on a case by case basis. Should you be interested to apply, please contact Yakarah at:

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