Tineke Spruytenburg

Tineke Spruytenburg
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Educating for Balance & Wellness – Amsterdam

1 februari 2017

Tineke Spruytenburg

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Join educators from around the world for an inspiring and innovative 2-day event that will give you new ideas and strategies for supporting the development of balance and wellness for students and teachers in international schools.

Mindfulness Workshops

This workshop will give you strategies and methods for your own use as well as for use with students of all ages who may be experiencing anxiety related to transition between cultures or from academic and social stress and anxiety. Visit classrooms to watch leading educators as they demonstrate and share their approaches and insights on implementing mindfulness techniques with their students.

This event is about bringing focus and calm to the classroom, to teachers and to individual students, while helping you to acquire the tools needed to sustain a culture of focus and learning.

Mentoring International Students Workshops

From the Search Institute’s work in Developmental Relationships to Big Brothers Big Sisters century-long work in youth mentoring, research has shown us time and again that youth fare better when they have a close connection to a non-parental adult. Join us as we review what the research says about the impact of these relationships on learning, school-connectedness, bullying behaviours, depression, emotional regulation and future life satisfaction. We will explore how this research can inform our work in International Schools and will learn impactful approaches to connecting research to practice.

  • “How Mentors Can Help International Youth who are Impacted by Mobility: Through a combination of research reviews, discussion and stories pulled directly from an innovative mentoring program for Third Culture Kids, we will explore how matching mentors with international/expat/global nomad emerging adults can help them identify and apply the skills they are picking up from the multicultural backgrounds while avoiding some of the specific challenges that come with this lifestyle. Attendees will have the opportunity to: Review what the literatures says are the assets and challenges of Third Culture Kids; Learn what the latest research says about the effectiveness of youth mentoring programs and how mentoring can help children in transition, prevent depression and strengthen social-emotional skills.

Child Protection Through Education:  Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Learn the components of an effective holistic and developmentally appropriate approach to Child Protection through Comprehensive Sexuality Education, including approaches for enabling students to make good, informed choices concerning relationships and healthy lifestyles, personal and social skill development, as well as the aims and goals of sex and relationship education for international school students.

October 19-20, 2017

Registration and Information

Early-bird rate: 210 EUR

Group rate: 225 EUR

Standard rate: 250 EUR

More information and registration

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